Souk Cola’s Debut Splash at the World Blockchain Summit

We’re currently showcasing our innovative project at the World Blockchain Summit.

Tomorrow, we’ll compete in the Dubai regional round of the Startup World Cup. Our project isn’t about blockchain, Web3, or advanced tech; we’re selling a unique cola we crafted together, right here in Dubai—a drink we believe is essential for the city!

Our “Souk Cola” is crafted in collaboration with multinational students and spice specialists from local souks, embodying the spirit of Dubai itself. With over 20 different spices, this delicious, healthy, one-of-a-kind cola is something we’re proud to present.

Despite our modest booth—handmade and cost-effective, as befits a startup—our passion outshines the competition. We stand here as challengers!

Our booth was bustling, with lines of people eager to taste our cola. Assisted by friends from language school, we managed to serve many, despite our English not being native. Their responses? “Amazing,” “Excellent,” “Awesome!” These praises deepened our confidence in our creation.

Today confirmed our belief in a future where our cola is enjoyed worldwide.