The Birth of Souk Cola in Dubai

I want to share the story of a unique beverage born from an adventure in Dubai: Souk Cola.

Arrival in Dubai

My journey began with my arrival in the heating city of Dubai, where the first challenge I faced was the intense heat. To cope, I frequently reached for a cola, but this habit quickly led to some unwanted weight gain. When I switched to Coke Zero, my health started to deteriorate.

Spark of Inspiration

During a college course, I was introduced to the fascinating world of craft cola. The class is taught by Cola Kobayashi, president of IYOSHI COLA, a well-known craft cola company in Japan. Inspired, I teamed up with Gucci, a Michelin-starred chef from Japan, and Sayaka is a classmate who is fluent in English and has strong communicative skills. Together, we embarked on a mission at the spice souk to create our very own unique cola.

The Creation Journey

Our initial attempts were full of challenges, but our perseverance paid off. We crafted a delicious cola enhanced by an array of spices. We discovered that spices didn’t just enrich the flavor—they offered health benefits too!  For example, cardamom reduces thirst, turmeric cleanses the skin, and cloves improve the stomach.

From Solo to Group

Project Word about our cola spread quickly, turning our personal project into a collaborative school venture. Internatinal students from diverse cultural backgrounds joined us, each adding their unique spice preferences into the mix.

Experimentation at a Café

Our group’s experimentation continued in a local café, where we tried numerous spice combinations. While some experiments were less successful, others led to delightfully surprising discoveries.

Community Collaboration

As we delved deeper into our project, the souk community rallied to support us. This allowed us to refine our cola recipes through collaborations with both international students and local souk professionals.

Souk Cola is Dubai itself!

This cola – “Souk Cola” – is delicious, healthy, and one of a kind. It’s a craft cola created by people around the world and spice professionals from Dubai: Souk Cola is Dubai itself! We want to spread the word and make Souk Cola a trademark Dubai staple!

An Open Invitation

Souk Cola is more than just a beverage; it’s an invitation to explore, create, and immerse yourself in a fusion of cultures. I was guilty of drinking Coke every day. But now that I drink Souk Cola every day, I feel so much better, and it is our desire to bring this wonderful cola, created by everyone at Dubai, to people all over the world. Please give it a try! We promise that your health will be greatly changed.

Embark on a flavorful journey with us and discover the boundless possibilities of Souk Cola!